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Cyclades 2014 Sailing Regatta
(20th Cyclades Offshore Sailing Race)
June 28 - July 6, 2014

Faliro - Syros - Milos - Serifos - Vouliagmeni
(organized by NOTK)


Race 1 - ORC Club in PDF

Race 1 - ORC Int in PDF

Race 2 - ORC Club in PDF

Race 2 - ORC Int in PDF

Race 2 - ORC Int - COURSES in PDF

Milos Inshore Race - ORC Club in PDF

Milos Inshore Race - ORC Int in PDF

Milos Inshore Race - COURSES in PDF

Race 3 - ORC Club in PDF

Race 3 - ORC Int in PDF

Race 3 - ORC Int COURSES in PDF

Race 4 - ORC Club in PDF

Race 1, 2, 3 & 4 - ORC Club - GENERAL RESULTS in PDF

Race 4 - ORC Int in PDF

Race 1, 2, 3 & 4 - ORC Int - GENERAL RESULTS in PDF

Race 4 - ORC Int COURSES in PDF


Battle Ship Averof

From 28 of June to 6 of July 2014 the 20th International Offshore Sailing Race "CYCLADES REGATTA 2014" will take place, which is part of the official program of races of the Hellenic Sailing Federation (E.I.O.).

Along with the Greek sailing boats of all recognized categories (ORCi, ORC Club, ORC Club Non Spinnaker and IRC), foreign sailing boats and their crews are invited to participate in this race.

“CYCLADES REGATTA 2014” ( 20th Cyclades Offshore Sailing Race )
28 June – 6 July, 2014

  • Friday 27/06/2014 - 19:30: Skippers Meeting on Battleship "AVEROF" at Faliro
  • Saturday 28/06/2014 - 11:00: FALIRO - SYROS (Finikas) 68 NM
  • Monday 30/06/2014 - 11:00: SYROS (Finikas) - MILOS (Adamantas) 48 NM
  • Wednesday 2/07/2014 12:00: Inshore Race in MILOS
  • Thursday 3/07/2014 11:00: MILOS (Adamantas) - SERIFOS 27 NM
  • Saturday 05/07/2014 - 11:00: SERIFOS - VOULIAGMENI

The Islands we will visit this year are Syros (Finikas), Milos (Adamantas), and Serifos. The local authorities, associations, nautical clubs and residents of these islands will welcome us in their traditional custom, including entertainment and acquainting us with their traditions and the monuments of their home.
During this period (early July) in the Aegean - especially in the Cyclades Island cluster - the weather conditions are usually favourable.

The Cyclades cluster is considered one of the finest vacation destinations worldwide, and one of the favorite sailing destinations.
The region combines natural beauty, clear deep-blue waters, traditional hospitality, and a highly-developed infrastructure for pleasure boats, as well as the characteristic Greek naval tradition, attracting both Greek and foreign visitors every year.

2014 | Regatta Schedule

Saturday 28/06/2014 Time 11:00 am:
1st Sailing Race
VOULIAGMENI - SYROS (Finikas) 68 n.m.

Sunday 29/06/2014:
Prize Giving Ceremony of the 1st race

Monday 30/06/2014 Time 11:00 am:
2nd Sailing Race
SYROS (Finikas) - MILOS (Adamantas) 48 n.m.

Tuesday 01/07/2014:
Skippers meeting for the Inshore Race in Milos

Wednesday 02/07/2014 Time 12:00 pm:
Milos Inshore race
Prize Giving Ceremony of the 2nd race and of the Inshore race.

Thursday 03/07/2014 Time 11:00 am:
3rd Sailing Race
MILOS (Adamantas) - SERIFOS 27 n.m.

Friday 04/07/2014:
Rest day in Serifos. Social events (to be announced). Prize Giving Ceremony of the 3rd race.

Saturday 05/07/2014 Time 11:00 am:
4th Sailing Race

In the case of very low winds the leg might be shortened, finishing in the waters of Patroklos island near Sounio.



28 June - 6 July 2014
Faliro - Syros (Finikas) - Milos (Adamantas) - Serifos - Vouliagmeni

20th International Sailing Race "CYCLADES 2014"
Click here for the chart of Race

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