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Sofia BEKATOROU and Aimilia (Emilia) TSOULFA (ISAF ID: GRE B1) won the gold medal in the Women's 470

Sofia Bekatorou "We have dreamt about this moment many times until now. We have been working a lot for this result. I would like to thank Millie (Aimilia TSOULFA) and all these people who stood by us all this time, our coach Ilias MILONAS and the Greek 470 Men's crew of Andreas KOSMATOPOULOS and Konstantinos TRIGKONIS." "I would also like to thank all these people who believed in us and supported us, when three months ago I was injured, there were others who hurried to judge and to jump to conclusion that a gold medal was lost for Greece, without worrying whether a person's life was in danger. Our dearest family and friends gave us strong support and hope to reach this turning point in our lives." , said Sofia.

Sofia Bekatorou is a member of our Yacht Club

Thank you Sofia!

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