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Cookie Policy

Our site, like most sites, uses cookies, which are a type of cache that help improve your browsing experience.

If you do not agree to the use of cookies, you will need to configure the browser you use or not to use notk.gr.

By disabling the cookies we use, this can affect your experience while browsing our site.

Your browsing through notk.gr means that you give your consent to the use of cookies.

General Cookie Information:

Cookies are a kind of cache that is managed by the browser you use on the device with which you connect to the internet (computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.)

Each cookie contains information such as the name of the site from which it originates, its 'lifespan' (ie how long it will stay on your device), and a value that usually matches a number.

In fact, cookies allow sites to store various anonymous information such as visitor's preferences or visit the site again.

Cookies are also used to make it easier for users to navigate on the site, such as tailoring to your interests and needs, and improving its use and functionality.

Cookies are also used for anonymous statistical analysis of site traffic, as well as a report on how you were taken to our site.

In any case, through our site's cookies we can not verify your personal identity. Cookies are stored only on your own device (computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.) and our site does not maintain a file or database with your personal data.

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