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Canoe-Kayak Courses for Beginners & Adults

Canoe – KayakCanoe - Kayak is a relatively new sport in our country. Its popularity began to grow in 1987 with the initiative of the Hellenic Rowing Association as the department for its development, which for the time being, the sport is a part of.

Our country is a member of the I.C.E. and has already participated in 5 world championships and 4 Balkan competitions, in addition to having organized Pan-European, Mediterranean and 4 Pan-Hellenic championships. In Greece today, about 20 clubs are involved in Canoe - Kayak and another 26 have expressed their interest in the development of the sport. 320 athletes from all over Greece participated in the most recent Panhellenic championship.

The Tzitzifies Kallithea Athletic Yacht Club (N.O.T.K.) has actively participated in the promotion and development of the sport, by setting up its own Canoe - Kayak department.

canoe-kayakIts efforts are assisted by the Club’s well-organized facilities, the encouragement of the President, the Board of Directors and the Coach and the new equipment available.

We invite you to help us in our efforts to promote and develop the sport of Canoe – Kayak, by joining the team of the Tzitzifies Kallithea Athletic Yacht Club’s Canoe – Kayak department.

For further information, contact the Club at:
+30 210 481 0390 / 91

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