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39th Poros Sailing Race   
  "POROS 2023"
(39th Poros Sailing Race)

March 31 - April 2, 2023
Faliro - Poros - Faliro

In Memory of Makis Gkritzalis

Traditional and popular for all yachtsmen of open sea is the sailing race of Poros that is carried out by NOTK each year in April. The attendances are always important and the crews come appetitive and ready for fighting because this race opens actually the new sailing race period. At the same time it includes also one day rest, Saturday. On this day NOTK awards the winners of the first race with a celebration that brings closer not only the racers but their friends and companions as well. It is a sailing race with intense interesting because "Saronic Gulf" many times offer surprises in sail fighting. Moreover, Poros Island is a hospitable and picturesque place, with beautiful natural environment and it's residents are traditionally hospitable and friendly.