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29th International Offshore Sailing Race "Cyclades Regatta 2023"

The Islands that we visit


Paros ParikiaParos Island is a real paradise of outstanding natural beauty, endless beaches, crystal waters and spectacular scenery. It is a cosmopolitan resort with well-developed tourist infrastructure, entertainment, beautiful beaches and very hospitable people.
Parikia, the capital and main port of Paros, and Naoussa the very popular and picturesque village on the northern island of Paros is one of the most beautiful cities of the Cyclades.
In Paros you will find a large number of dazzling beaches such as Golden Beach and New Golden Beach, Agia Irini, Krios, Livadia, Marcello and Parasporos and along the east coast are the beaches of Ambelas, Drios, Logaras, Molos, Piso Livadi, Punta and the bustling resort "Punta Beach".
The Church of Panagia Ekatontapyliani (Our Lady of a Hundred Gates), one of the most beautiful sights of the island is a very important religious monument overlooking the island's capital, Parikia. Inside the church you'll see priceless religious artworks. Other attractions in Parikia is the Venetian Castle, the Ancient Temples of Asklipios and Apollo, Delion, which was a place of worship of ancient god Apollo, the ancient cemetery and the archaeological museum. Finally, you can visit the island of Antiparos, a small island close to Paros, with unparalleled natural beauty.

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KoufonisiaThe older sailors may have remembered them as isolated and "unsuspected" compared to the other islands of the secular Cyclades. Today the Koufonissia of the barren line may not be as unknown as they were then, however they retain this simple and spare beauty and introduce themselves to visitors in their own way. A piece of paradise on earth is well "hidden" in Koufonissia. The anxious rhythms and noise of the outside world do not reach this small corner of the Aegean... According to one version, the name is due to the calm harbor formed by the bay between the two islands and Glaronissos (koufos limin: windless harbor). The town of Koufonissi is a Cycladic fishing village, with picturesque streets, freshly whitewashed houses and the characteristic white windmill on the left of the waterfront, a trademark of Cycladic architecture, while in the center of the settlement dominates the Temple of the island's patron saint, Agios Georgios. This year's route of the 29th Cyclades Regatta will also pass through Koufonissia, the "Mykonos of the Small Eastern Cyclades" as many now call them.

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SIFNOSSifnos, the island of colors: white houses, chapels and hundreds of windmills, blue sea, blue domed churches, green thyme and olives, red hibiscus and geraniums. The island of fragrant lavender, basil, thyme, mint and marjoram. The home of Tselementes ,with unique chickpea soup, fragrant mastelo, homemade manoura and xynomyzithra, and pure honey. The island of traditional pottery workshops, the island of poets and tradition. The island of unique festivals with lovers dinners of under sounds of a violin and lute. The island has good tourist infrastructure with a focus on Apollonia, traditional villages and resorts such as Platis Gialos, Kamares (port) and the Deep, interesting tourist attractions, nice cozy hangouts and ... its Castle, the old capital of the island, one of the most picturesque villages that preserves the medieval fortification building form and resembles a living museum.

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